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Manage multiple jobs and teams in one place

Compare candidates for easy screening

Collect team feedback for faster decisions

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Meet your best matches face-to-face

A powerful dashboard

Manage multiple jobs from one place

See all the new candidates at a glance

Quick feedback for easy team collaboration

Invite and manage team members 

Download your data

Create a new job in minutes

Provide job details for candidates

Tailor interview questions

Choose answer time and number of attempts

Add job requirements

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Create a new job in minutes

Add your questions

Choose the duration of the answers

Select the number of attempts

Add the job requirements

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You are going to love screening

Flexible video interviews

Quick candidate CV view

Easy candidate evaluation

Assess cultural fit

Shortlist and rejection filters

You’re going to love our screening

Quick video interviews of your candidates

Chat with your team about each candidate

Feedback buttons for quick team feedback

See candidate CVs

Free candidate video interviews app

Easy to apply via link or job code

Tips and practice questions

Mobile and tablet compatible

Free on iOS and Android

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Free interview recording app for candidates

Accessible via unique job codes

Tips and practice questions

Optimised for mobile and tablets

Free for iOs and Android

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